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Zong PUBG Monthly Package – 10GB Bundle Code & Details

Do you want to join the fun of playing PUBG Mobile with millions of other players? Zong has a special offer Zong PUBG Monthly Package just for RS. 105. With this Package, you can play PUBG Mobile smoothly on your phone without any connection problems. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, this guide will help you get started with the PUBG Package and improve your gaming.

What is Zong PUBG Package 2023?

The monthly PUBG Package is a mobile data plan that is made just for PUBG Mobile players. With this plan, you will get a large amount of data to play the game without interruptions. And, because Zong has a fast 4G network, you’ll be able to play the game smoothly. In addition, this bundle is very cheap as compared to other internet service providers.

How Much Data Will You Get?

The amount of data you’ll get depends on which plan you choose. There are several options to choose from, with data amounts ranging from 2GB to 10 GB. Choose the one that’s best for you. This bundle comes with a monthly internet package.

Benefits of Zong PUBG Package Monthly Plan

This Package has many benefits, including:

  1. Large amounts of data for non-stop gaming
  2. Fast 4G network for good gameplay
  3. Affordable prices
  4. Easy to get and use
  5. 10GB of internet data (9GB Pubg & 1GB flat)

Zong PUBG Offer Code, Price, Validity & Price

Enjoy uninterrupted PUBG Mobile gaming with our Monthly PUBGM Bundle. For just Rs. 105 plus tax, receive 10GB of data that you can use for an entire month. Get ready for a thrilling gaming experience.

To activate the PUBG bundle plan offers:

ss of Zong Packages

Pubg Data 10GB(9GB Pubg & 1GB flat)
Validity Monthly
Price Rs 105
Code *7824#

How to Subscribe Zong Monthly PUBG Offer?

Getting the PUBG mobile Package is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Dial *7824# from your Zong phone
  2. Select “the option 2GB or 10 GB”
  3. Choose the Package
  4. Confirm by pressing “1”

How To Deactivate Monthly PUBG Offer?

To deactivate this special zong game offer dial *7824# or type SMS  “unsub PubG” and send it to 6464.

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What is Zong PUBG Package?

This Package is a data package offered by Zong, a telecommunication company in Pakistan, which provides internet data specifically for the popular game PUBG.

How much data does this PUBG Package provide?

The amount of data provided in the monthly Package is 10GB (9GB+1GB flat) and you can confirm by visiting Zong’s official website.

Is the PUBG Package unlimited?

No, the Package has a limited amount of data that is specified by the package. This data is only for mobile games.

Is the Zong PUBG Package available for prepaid and postpaid customers?

Absolutely, The availability of the Package is for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

What Should You Do If You Ran Out of Data?

If you run out of data while playing PUBG Mobile, don’t worry. You can easily buy more. Just follow these steps:

  1. Dial *7824# from your dial pad
  2. Choose “Buy More”
  3. Choose the plan you want to buy
  4. Another method to activate this bundle is to visit my zong app.

Can I subscribe to the PUBG Package multiple times?

Yes, you can subscribe to this monthly multiple times when you ran out of the data bundle. Simply resubscribe the bundle again.

Is the Zong PUBG Package available for all Zong customers?

The availability of the monthly PUBG Zong Package in all cities of Pakistan.

How do I check the remaining data balance of the PUBG Package?

Many people are mostly worried about getting out of data without knowing. Fortunately, there is a method to check the remaining data balance of the PUBG mobile zong Package, just dial *102#. You can also check your data in the My Zong App.


This mobile Package is a convenient solution for PUBG players in Pakistan who want to ensure they have enough data to play the game without interruption. The package provides a specified amount of data for playing PUBG and is available for both prepaid and postpaid customers. With this package, Game loving players can enjoy a smooth gaming experience without worrying about running out of data.

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