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Zong telecommunication Company is the largest telecom operator in Pakistan since 2004. Zong is delivering 3G/4G services at this moment. Also, Zong is committed to launching the 5G service in July 2023. Zong Introduces a  vast range of packages for its prepaid and postpaid customers. Which includes Zong internet packages, Zong call packages, Zong sms packages, and much more. We will further discuss Zong all packages in detail. We want every Zong customer to provide up-to-date packages and their subscription, price, validity, And how to unsubscribe package information.

Furthermore, Zong also offers a variety of add-ons and value-added services for its prepaid and postpaid customers, So they can subscribe based on their needs. Some of these services include international roaming, content subscriptions, and device insurance.

Zong Packages

Zong is offering its customers a wide variety of packages so everyone can avail and subscribe according to their needs and the capacity of their pocket. Moreover, We divided offers into three main categories, Zong internet offers, call offers, And sms offers.

Zong Internet Packages

Zong telecom launched its 3G/4G Internet in 2014, Starting from big cities and further expanding to all over Pakistan. The Internet offers are further divided into Zong Monthly Internet Packages, Zong Weekly internet offers, Daily offers, And hourly internet packages. Also, it launches Zong daytime offers and late-night offers.

Some of the hot favorite packages among customers are Zong Super weekly package, Zong Daily Tik Tok offer, Zong super weekly plus, Super weekly max offer. Although it provides Zong monthly 5GB package, Zong monthly 20GB package, Zong monthly max 40GB offer and much more.

Moreover, Zong offers gaming packages for online game lovers, These offers are one of the most popular Packages in gaming packages.

Package NameInformation
Zong Stay At Home Bundle
Zong Internet Sim 27GB Package
Zong Family Package Monthly 40GB
Zong Weekly YouTube Package
Zong Tiktok Package Weekly
Zong Haftawaar Punjab Offer
Zong Punjab Offer Weekly
Zong Shandaar Haftwaar Package
Zong Weekly AIO Offer/Package
Zong Weekly Social Offer – WhatsApp+Facebook
Data Share Zong 3G/4G Package (10GB)
Zong Mega Data Weekly Package
Zong Weekly Pro Package
Zong Weekly HLO – AIO Package
Zong Weekly Super Max
Zong PUBG Monthly Package
Zong 5GB Monthly Internet SIM
Zong Monthly 12GB Package
Zong MBB – Monthly 65GB (Device Only Package)
Zong Shandaar Monthly Package
Zong Monthly Power Pack 1000
Zong 40GB Monthly Package Inernet SIM Offer
Zong Monthly Mini Internet Package
Zong Monthly Pro Plus Package
Zong Monthly Social Mini Package
Zong Monthly Supreme Offer
Zong Star Pre Load Monlthly Power Pack SIM 500
Zong Monthly Pro Package
Zong Internet SIM Monthly 8GB Package
Zong Monthly WhatsApp Plus Package
Zong Internet SIM Monthly 60GB Package
Zong Internet SIM Monthly 24GB Package
Zong Monthly Internet Package 30GB
Zong Internet SIM Monthly 8GB Package
Zong Mahana Punjab Offer
Zong 12GB Monthly Package 3/G/4G
Zong Monthly 5GB Package
Zong Monthly Basic 500 Package
Zong Hello Monthly Package
Zong Monthly Supreme Plus Offer
Zong Monthly WhatsApp Packge 5GB
Zong Monthly Super Package
Zong Monthly Social Package
Zong Monthly Premium 30GB Package
Zong Monthly Super Card

Zong Call Packages

Zong Pakistan offers various call packages to its customers like monthly call packages, weekly call offers daily and hybrid offers. Some of the popular Zong calls packages are: Zong Super Card, Zong Shandaar Package, Zong Supreme Package, Zong Flutter Package, and Zong Perfect Package.

There are more other Zong call packages that customers can subscribe to based on their needs and usage.

Zong SMS Offers

Zong telecom Pakistan offers a wide range of SMS packages for their customer according to public needs range and capacity. Zong Offers monthly SMS packages, Zong weekly SMS offers, and Daily SMS package.

Zong All-In-One Offers (Zong Hybrid Packages)

Zong All-in-One offers are a combination of call, SMS, and internet packages offered by Zong Pakistan. These offers provide convenience to the customers by combining all three services in a single package. These offers are most favorite and in demand because of all services combined in one offer. For the ease of customers Most popular Zong AIO offers is Zong 3-day offer. Moreover, it also offers 2 hours nonstop offer, Shandaar rozana offer, Shandaar haftawarar offer(package). Also, it launches Shandaar Mahana offer, Zong Weekly Premium Package, 3 months power pack sim, Monthly power pack sim 1000, And Zong power pack sim 500.

Zong Regional Offers

Zong telecom Pakistan the most popular and favorite 3G/4G network introduces regional offers. These offers are available for those customers residing in the specific area in which the company offers its package. You can activate and enjoy the package if you are living in the region in which the company is offering it. Most favorite and hot offers are Apna shehr Punjab offer, Monthly supreme Punjab offer, Mahana Pakpatan offer, Apna shehr Hasilpur offer, Apna shehr Esa Khail/Kala Bagh offer, Apna Shehr Bhakkar offer.

Furthermore, zong regional offer includes the cities like Lyari yari offer, Apna shehr Zafarwal offer, Kandhkot offer, Rato dero offer, Apna shehr Sumunadri offer, Shahdaad kot offer, Zong Apna shehr Jhang plus offer and many more.

Zong Social Packages

It provides multiple social media services to customers. Zong Pakistan offers a variety of social offers that are designed to cater to the needs of different customers. These packages are also available in weekly, Monthly, Daily, And hourly categories. Customers can choose the social offer that best suits their social media needs. These packages are popular among Zong customers who use social media frequently and want to stay connected with their friends and family.

Most popular Zong social packages are Zong monthly WhatsApp plus package, Zong Monthly WhatsApp offer, Zong monthly IMO package, Zong weekly video package and Zong weekly TikTok offer.


Mobilink is a mobile network operator in Pakistan. It is one of the largest and oldest telecom companies in the country and has been providing telecom services for over 20 years. Jazz Mobilink offers a wide range of services to its customers, including calls and internet services, SMS, And mobile banking(Jazz cash). The company has a large customer base and network coverage across Pakistan and is known for its innovative and customer-friendly approach.

Jazz Packages

Mobilink/Jazz Pakistan offers a variety of packages and services to its customers, including: Jazz Internet Packages, Jazz Call Packages, Jazz SMS Packages, Jazz Hybrid Packages

Jazz Internet Packages

Mobilink internet packages are data plans offered by Jazz, a telecom company working in Pakistan. These packages provide customers with various amounts of mobile data that can be used for browsing the internet. Also, using social media apps, streaming videos, or any other online activity. These packages are divided into categories like Jazz monthly internet packages, Jazz weekly internet packages, Jazz daily internet packages. It also introduced Jazz daily and hourly internet offers. Moreover, here we tell a few popular packages like Jazz super ghanta sale, Jazz daily Facebook offer, and Jazz Sashay offer-Youtube. Mobilink also launches Jazz PUBG offer, Sashay offer WhatsApp, Jazz roaming world bundle 1, and Jazz roaming world bundle 2.

Some of the most favorite monthly data bundles are Jazz monthly supreme Package, Jazz monthly browser package, and Jazz monthly extreme offer. jazz also offers weekly internet data offers few of them are Jazz weekly premium package, Jazz weekly extreme offer, and Jazz 3-day extreme offer. Jazz also offers daily internet packages which include Jazz daily mega bundle, Jazz daily YouTube & social bundle, Jazz daily Extreme bundle, and Jazz daily browser package.

Package NameInformation
Jazz Monthly Freedom 100GB Package
Jazz Weekly Mega Plus 30GB Package
Jazz Weekly Mega Offer
Jazz Monthly Social Bundle 7GB
Jazz Super Women Bundle
Jazz Work From Home Package
Jazz Monthly Social Plus 10GB Package
Jazz Weekly Youtube Package/Offer
Jazz Weekly Social Plus Offer/Package
Jazz Mega Plus Monthly Package
Jazz Monthly Supreme Package
Jazz Weekly Extreme Package 25GB
Jazz Weekly Super Max Package
Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer
Jazz Weekly Super Duper Offer

Jazz Call Packages

Mobilink/Jazz call packages are the calling plans offered by Jazz (known as Mobilink) in Pakistan. These packages allow Jazz customers to make calls to other Jazz numbers. Also customers can call to numbers on other networks. Jazz call packages vary in terms of jazz daily call packages, Jazz weekly call packages, Jazz monthly call packages, and hourly call packages. A few of the most popular and pocket-friendly packages are Jazz weekly voice package and Jazz voice infinity offer. You can subscribe to these packages by dialing a specific code or by using the Jazz World app.

Jazz SMS Packages

Mobilink SMS packages are the offers from Mobilink telecom which include messaging plans. These packages allow Jazz customers to send SMS messages to other Jazz numbers, as well as to numbers on other networks. Some packages are valid for a day, while others are weekly. Mobilink SMS packages are daily SMS & WhatsApp package, and Jazz weekly WhatsApp & SMS bundles

gold whatsapp packages. Mobilink also offers a range of hybrid packages that include a combination of SMS, calls, and internet data.

Jazz Hybrid Packages

Jazz introduces hybrid packages which are a combination of voice calls, SMS, and internet data plans. These packages provide Jazz customers with a complete solution that arranges their communication needs in a cost-effective manner. Jazz hybrid packages are convenient because customers can get all the services they need from one package instead of subscribing to multiple plans. Customers can choose a hybrid package that fits their needs and budget. These packages are available monthly, weekly, daily, And hourly. Here we will let you know some most featured packages.

These are Jazz monthly gup shup packages, Jazz monthly super duper card, weekly super duper, and Jazz monthly gup shup plus package. Although Mobilink offers Jazz weekly freedom package, 15 day AIO, Jazz monthly freedom package. And Jazz weekly hybrid package is mostly subscribed.. Moreover, there is also a wide range of offers in the hybrid category. The Mobilink hybrid also launches jazz 3-day max offer. It also introduces the day bundle, Jazz monthly premium package, Jazz monthly super duper package, And Jazz monthly max Package.

Ufone Packages

Ufone a Paksitan-based telecom company has a vast range of packages for its customers. Here we will try to guide the audience to choose the best offer which suits their need and pocket range. We will provide the best and most accurate information about Ufone Internet package, Ufone Call Packages, Ufone SMS packages. Now let’s discuss the Internet packages first.

Ufone Internet Packages

In this modern era, everyone wants to be connected to the internet whenever they wish whenever they need. So when the necessity rise solution comes then. Ufone Pakistan Introduced large and user-friendly internet packages for their service users. Ufone Daily internet packages are designed for those who want to stay in touch with their loved ones on daily basis. If you wish to continue the package you can further resubscribe the other day. Also, Ufone has a lot of weekly internet packages too which are the most liked by the users. Also, Ufone has a different variety Of Monthly internet packages for their customers at affordable rates. These packages range from low to high volumes of data at cheap rates. From our website, you will get all information about package prices, subscription codes, and much more.

Ufone Call Packages

You will get All information about daily call packages, weekly call packages, and monthly call packages. Also, Set up call packages, subscription codes, validity, Price, and much more.

Ufone SMS Packages

Ufone SMS packages are divided into three categories, Ufone Daily SMS packages, Monthly SMS packages, and Ufone Weekly SMS packages. You will find every offer information with a step-by-step comprehensive guide.