Zong Mega Data Weekly Package – 100GB Offer Code & Details

Zong Mega Data weekly Bundle

It is a new internet package launched by Zong, the leading 4G LTE network in Pakistan. Zong Mega Data weekly package is designed to provide a wide range of services to its customers. It offers internet data for the entire week. This bundle is a great option for those who want to stay connected to their loved ones, browse the web, and make the most of their online activities.

Features Zong Weekly Mega Data Bundle

With this Zong 1 AM to 9 AM package, you can enjoy 100GB internet data for only downloading. In Addition, The zong Weekly mega data offer is a great internet bundle with a huge amount of data. Enjoy most of the day by subscribing to this offer of 100GB. The offer check codes are given in detail. Also, Enjoy the internet for the whole week (7 Days). Get this offer now.

Zong Mega Data Weekly Package Code

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Description Details
Package Name Zong Weekly Mega Data Offer
Validity 7 Days
Price Rs. 200 (Including Taxes)
Balance Required Rs. 200 Load
On-Net Minutes 0
Off-Net Minutes 0
Internet Data 100GB internet data (1AM – 9AM)
Subscribe Code *808#
Check Status Remaining MBs, Mins & SMS *102#
Unsub Code *808# and Select Unsub Option
InfoCode n/a

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How To Subscribe Zong Mega Data Package?

Wish to subscribe mega data bundle and don’t know how to do it? don’t worry! we will help you to activate this offer. There are many ways you can get this offer, but here will discuss some easy methods that you can follow to subscribe to this bucket.

Dial Code Method

This is the most preferable and easy way to subscribe Mega Data 100GB bundle. Follow the step-by-step instructions given below.

  • First, you need to recharge your balance with Rs. 200 on your Zong SIM.
  • Open Your phone’s dialer pad or Calling pannel.
  • Dial the Mega Data bundle code *808# and choose the Zong SIM (in case you have multiple SIMS in your phone) and send.
  • Now, Wait for the SMS message to confirm your Mega Data offer subscription.
  • Once you get the congratulatory message (SMS) from Zong, You are now eligible to use this 100GB (1 AM to 9 AM ) package.

MyZong App

Here are instructions to activate the 100GB Mega bundle from the MyZong app.

  1. Open your MyZong app if it is already installed in your phone.
  2. Find the bundles icon place in the bottom of the first page in the app.
  3. Tap on the bundle icon and scroll down to search your desired bundle (in this case “Mega Data”). You can also search the package by typing the name in the search field option.
  4. Once you find the bundle you will have to tap on “Subscribe” icon and confirm your subscripton.
  5. Wait for a while for confirmation SMS message about mega data activation.
  6. Now you are subscribed to Mega Data weekly offer and enjoy the amazing 100GB fast 4G Internet.

Terms And Conditions

  • An Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 15% applies to every recharge.
  • FED of 19.5% applies on usage ( where it’s applicable).
  • A sales tax (GST) of 19.5% applies on usage (if it is applicable).
  • This Package is only used at the specific time (1 AM to 9 AM) only.
  • Out of the time internet usage described in the bundle, you will be charged a normal usage rate of Rs. 4/MB
  • Exceeding the limit of the Package user will be charged Rs.1/MB rate.
  • All Zong prepaid packages are subject to availability in your area(Punjab,KPK, GB, AJK).


How Much Data Do We Get From Weekly Mega Data package?

You will get 100GB of data for the whole week (7 days)

Is Weekly Mega Data Package Available With Time Limit?

Yes, this offer comes with a time limitation, Users can only use this package between 1 AM to 9 AM daily for 30 days.

How To Unsubscribe Mega Data Weekly Offer?

To de-activate this bundle, You will have to dial *808# and select the “Unsubscribe” option.

Does Mega Data Weekly Bunlde have Free Calling minutes?

No, This package come only with 100GB of internet. Regular calling rates will be charged in this weekly data bucket.

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