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Ufone Mini Super Card – 15 Days 3GB Internet Package Code 2024

If you are looking for a comprehensive all-in-one communication package that offers seamless connectivity, look no further than the Ufone Mini Super Card. This exceptional offering is designed to cover your various communication needs. With theĀ  Super Card Mini, you can enjoy a host of services at an affordable price.

What is Ufone Mini Super Card?

The Ufone Super Card Mini gives you everything you need for communication in one card. Hence, it is 15 Days package but It includes voice calls, SMS, and data services. It is a reasonable and affordable package that is great value for your money. Moreover, When you subscribe to the Super Mini Card, you can stay connected throughout Pakistan. It doesn’t matter whether you are in Punjab, Sindh, KPK, or Balochistan, you can call your loved ones, friends, and colleagues. Also, You can connect them through the Internet as well.

Ufone Super Card Mini Offer Code & Details

This15 day Mini Super card comes with 3GB (3000MB) of 4G high-speed internet data. Additionally, it gives 100 off-net (other networks) minutes. It also gives 3500 SMS usable to all networks along with 1000 on-net, Ufone to Ufone, and PTCL minutes. The great news is that it is available at its lowest price of 420 PKR (including taxes). More detail about this 15-day (half-month) super card are here under.

Description Details
Package Name Super Card Mini
Validity Half-month (15 Days)
Price Rs. 420 (including taxes)
Balance Required Rs. 420 PKR
On-Net Minutes 1000 U-U and Ufone to PTCL minutes
Off-Net Minutes 100 other network minutes
SMS 3500 for all networks
Internet Data 3GB of flat internet data
Subscribe Code *230#
Check Status Remaining MBs, Mins & SMS *706#
Unsub Code Automatically Unsub after the validity time

How to Subscribe Ufone Super Card Mini Package?

There are many methods to activate a mini super card bundle. Here we will give you a brief and detailed guide to activate this bundle. Without wasting any further time, let’s dive and see how you can subscribe to this bucket.

Through Dial Code

You can activate the Mini Super card by dialing its unique code *230# on your phone. More details about how to active this package, are mentioned below.

  • Open your cell phone’s dial pad to further proceed.
  • Type “*230#, select your Ufone SIM and tap on the call button.
  • Select the “subscribe” option and proceed.
  • You will get an SMS on your mobile about the completion of the package.

Through Website

Ufone offers a 10% discount on activating the super card bundle from their official website. You need to visit Ufone’s official website to activate the mini super card. For a Full detailed guide, check out this Ufone Super Card.


Upaisa is an official banking cash app launched by Ufone Telecom. Through this app, you can easily activate/subscribe super mini card very easily. Ufone also offers a 10% discount upon activating the super card package.

  1. Fist of all, open UPaisa app.
  2. Tap on the “bundles” icon and proceed.
  3. select the “mini super card”.
  4. Put your number in the mobile number field and tap on next.
  5. Put the amount required for the bundle and press the subscribe button.

Terms & Conditions

  • You can getĀ  Mini Super Card through ULoad.
  • You can also buy Mini Super Card using your Credit/Debit Card through the My Ufone app under the Bill payment option.
  • To avail of the mini card, visit your nearest retailer. To check the remaining minutes, SMS, and Internet MBs, dial *706# or download the My Ufone app for details on validity and remaining resources.
  • Currently, the purchase of a Mini Super Card is only available with Full Access.
  • You need to register a username for Full access.
  • This mini-offer is valid for prepaid customers only.
  • There are no additional taxes or charges for the Mini Super bundle.
  • The validity of the Mini Super is 15 days (half a month).


What is Ufone Mini Super Card?

Ufone Mini Super Card is an all-in-one communication package that provides voice calls, SMS, and data services in a single card. It offers 15 days of connectivity to stay connected throughout Pakistan and communicate with your loved ones, friends, and colleagues.

Can I activate multiple Ufone Mini Super Cards simultaneously?

No, you can only activate one Ufone Mini Super Card at a time. Activating another Mini Super Card before the previous one expires will result in the new card replacing the remaining resources of the previous card.

Can I activate the Mini Super Card on a postpaid connection?

No, the Ufone Mini Super Card is available for prepaid customers only.

Can I check the remaining resources of my Super Card Mini Bundle?

Yes, you can easily check the remaining resources of your Mini Super Card by dialing *706# on your phone. This will provide you with information about the remaining minutes, SMS, and data balance of your package.

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