Jazz Full Balance Offer – [Updated 2024]

Jazz has consistently strived to remain at the forefront of service provision. Recently, they introduced a captivating offer known as the “Full Balance Offer” offer. With this offer, Jazz 4G presents an enticing feature where customers can enjoy a complete balance without any deductions upon recharging with Rs.100 or more. It’s worth mentioning that although taxes are imposed by the government, Jazz has taken the initiative to pay these taxes on behalf of its customers. This allows them to provide users with the entire recharge amount on every recharge of Rs.100 or above. Now, We will let you know the details and features of the Jazz Full Balance Offer, including its activation code and subscription criteria.

What Is Jazz Full Balance Offer?

Jazz’s Full balance (Full Recharge) offer is a special promotional offer where customers can enjoy a complete balance without any deductions. When you recharge your Jazz account with Rs.100 or more, you receive the entire recharge amount without any deductions. This means that you get to use the full amount for calls, messages, and data. It’s a great way to get the most out of your recharge and stay connected without any deductions.

Get Full Jazz Balance On Recharge Offer Details

To avail of this offer, recharge your sim with a minimum of Rs. 100 by easy load or you can do it through Jazz scratch balance card, simply dial the code *408# before making any balance recharge. It’s important to note that this offer is exclusive to Mobilink/Warid prepaid customers. The validity of the full balance is 30 days, and to check your remaining balance, you can dial *408*2#.

Jazz Full Balance Offer Code

Description Details
Package Name Full Balance Offer
Validity 30 days (one month)
Offer Details Get full balance on Recharge without tax deduction
Balance Required Minimum of Rs. 100 PKR required to get the full balance
Subscribe Code *408#
Check Status *408*2#


Remember, to enjoy this offer, you need to recharge with at least Rs.100 or more, and please keep in mind that this offer is valid for one month.

How To Subscribe Jazz Full Balance Offer? A Step-By-Step Guide

Through Recharge Card

Just follow these simple steps to get full recharge on the Jazz Recharge card.

  • First of all, only buy recharge cards from Jazz/Warid registered retailers or franchises.
  • These scratch cards have 14 digit secret recharge code. So scratch it gently to avoid tearing up the card.
  • Before recharging your balance through the card you must apply *408# from your phone’s dial pad.
  • open your phone’s dial pad, and type the *123* and your14-digit code and type #. (example ” *123*Your 14 digit card code# . “*123*12345678987654#”)

Through Easy Load

You can get a full recharge offer and enjoy the full balance and benefits through easy load from any retail shop. Just follow this guide mentioned below:

  • Visit any Jazz retail shop nearby you.
  • Ask him for full balance recharge.
  • He/she will do the whole process on your SIM after receiving the payment.

Through Jazz World App

The Jazz World app is an official app introduced by Mobilink/Warid Telecom for its customers. This app facilitates users to subscribe to any offer they want, with a few taps. Moreover, You can also get this offer from the Jazz World app, just follow these simple steps mentioned below.

  1. Open your Jazz World app by logging into your number.
  2. Type ” Full Balance offer” in the search field.
  3. Tap on the offer’s banner card.
  4. Tap on the Subscribe button and you will get the full amount you recharged.
  5. Now right after a successful subscription, recharge at least Rs. 100 and get the full Balance.

Through Jazz Cash App

Jazz Cash App is an online banking app introduced by Mobillink/Warid. You can also get this offer from The Jazz Cash app.

  1. First of all, open your phone’s dial pad and type *408#, and tap on the dialer button.
  2. Now, open your Jazz Cash app.
  3. Then press the “Mobile Load and Packages” Icon.
  4. Select the option “JAZZ” and type your SIM number in the number field.
  5. Now, Type the amount (minimum Rs. 100), and tap on the “Confirm” button.

You are Done!

Terms and Conditions

  • Only prepaid customers can take advantage of this offer.
  • The entire balance works the same way as the regular balance.
  • You need to recharge with a minimum of Rs.100 in a single transaction to be eligible for the reward.
  • This offer is applicable only for national recharges.
  • You will receive the full amount without any tax deductions on recharges of Rs.100 and above.
  • For example, if you recharge with Rs.100, you will receive the complete amount of Rs.100, unlike the tax-deducted amount of Rs.170.
  • To avail of the full amount without tax deductions, You will first dial *408# and then recharge for Rs.100.
  • This offer can only be subscribed to multiple times.
  • After activating this offer, you will get the full balance on every recharge (minimum Rs. 100).
  • Jazz Telecom has set a limit of Rs. 5000 for this offer. That means if you exceed the limit you will not get the full amount after recharge.

Final Words

With the Jazz Full Balance offer, prepaid customers can easily get a full balance without any tax deductions. Just dial *408# before recharging with Rs.100 or more, and enjoy the complete balance for 30 days. Don’t forget that this offer is only available for prepaid users and requires a minimum recharge amount of Rs.100 or more.

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