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Telenor One Day Internet Package – Full Day Offer Code & Details

Telenor Pakistan Introducing Telenor One Day Internet Package, a perfect solution for those seeking affordable and convenient connectivity throughout the day with 3G/4G fast internet speeds, allowing you to browse, watch videos, and chat. Moreover, You can Enjoy unlimited voice calling experiences without any disconnection. Now we will explore Telenor’s One Day Internet Package today and unlock a world of endless possibilities.

Full-Day Offer (Telenor One Day Internet Package)

Telenor Full Day offer is a bundle introduced by Telenor Pakistan, that is valid only for 24 hours following activation. As part of its daily offers, Telenor provides its customers with internet data for both web browsing and social networking. This bundle also includes a quota for voice calls. It is important to note that this bucket can be resubscribed after 24 hours of its first activation. Additionally, you may choose to activate other bundles in conjunction with a one-day internet package. We will now discuss the Telenor Full Day offer Internet package offered in more detail.

Telenor Full Day Offer Code & Details

You will receive 50MB of web browsing space and 100MB of WhatsApp usage space exclusively in this bundle/offer. As far as the price of this daily package is concerned, it costs Rs. 13 Pakistani Rupees.

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Description Details
Package Name Telenor Full-Day Offer
Validity 24 Hours
Price Rs. 13 (incl. tax)
Balance Required Rs. 17 PKR
On-Net Minutes Unlimited On-net voice calling minutes
Internet Data 50MB Flat + 100MB WhatsApp only
Subscribe Code  Dial *5*250#
Remaining MBs Check Code  Dial *999#
Remaining Minutes Check Code  Dial *222#
Remaining Balance Check Code  Dial *444#
Unsubscribe Code  Automatically Unsubscribed after validity time

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Eligibility Criteria

Telenor offers this daily bundle only for prepaid SIM users. Postpaid, Data SIM, and Telenor MBB users are not eligible to avail of this package.

Validity of Telenor One Day Internet Package

As its name Full day offer, The validity period of this package is one day (24 hours). But, it is important to mention here that this bundle will expire on the same day at midnight 12 AM, No matter at which time you activated this bundle.

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How To Subscribe to Telenor Full Day Offer?

you can easily subscribe to Telenor Full day offer (one-day internet package) by following these easy steps.

  1. Make sure you have the required money (balance) in your Telenor SIM. If not? then recharge your balance through online apps or retail shops.
  2. Open your cell phone’s dial pad or dialer by tapping on the phone icon.
  3. Dial the Telenor full-day offer code (*5*250#), and tap the dial button.
  4. After dialing the specific code, wait for the confirmation message (SMS) to be received.
  5. Once you receive the congratulatory SMS, You can start using the internet and voice calling minutes offered in the one-day package until midnight.

Terms & Conditions

  • All Telenor GSM Prepaid users are eligible for this full-day offer.
  • A call setup fee of 0.13 paisa + tax will be applied to each call made in this package.
  • The price and resources may vary depending on the geographical location (applicable only in Pakistan).
  • Once the offer is exhausted or expires, standard charges for offnet/on-net calls and data, according to the customer’s price plan, will be applied.
  • This one-day offer cannot be subscribed to again within the validity period.
  • The package will not be automatically renewed after it expires. That means will have to re-subscribe to this daily offer by dialing the same code (*5*250#) again.
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