Zong TikTOK Package weekly

Zong Tiktok Package Weekly – Social Internet package

As the demand for high-speed data and digital services reaching unprecedented heights, Zong, the leading telecom provider in Pakistan, has recently introduced a new offer for TikTok users. The Zong tiktok Package weekly. zong is designed exclusively to cater to the needs of TikTok users and to provide them with a huge data supply.

Features Of Zong Tiktok Package Weekly

This zong tiktok offer has been designed to meet all the data needs of TikTok users and it provides them with a huge data supply for a week. With this, users can enjoy fast & reliable access to the internet and other activities on the TikTok app. With this, they can create and share content, engage with their followers, and stay connected with the latest trends. zong weekly Tiktok package is available for a whole week and the users can avail of it by subscribing to the offer.

zong weekly Tiktok package code is *606# and they can subscribe to the offer. On subscribing to the offer, they will receive their data. The Zong Weekly TikTok Offer is very easy to subscribe to and users can easily activate it. All they need to do is dial *247# and they can subscribe to the offer.

Zong TikTok Package Code Weekly

ss of Zong Packages

Description Details
Package Name Zong Weekly Tiktok Package
Validity 7 Days
Price Rs. 100 (including Taxes)
Balance Required RS.100
On-Net Minutes 0
Off-Net Minutes 0
Internet Data 5GB (tik tok only)
Subscribe Code *606#
Check Status Remaining MBs, Mins & SMS *102#
Unsub Code Msg “unsub” to 606
InfoCode n/a

ss of Zong Packages

Zong Weekly Tiktok Package Unsub Code

write in the new message “unsub” and send a message on 6464. You will receive a confirmation message after your package is unsubscribed.

Terms And Conditions

  • Eligibility Criteria Prepaid GSM Customers only
  • 2 GB TikTok can be utilized for TikTok App only
  • Free Traffic does not include third-party advertising, live video upload, online viewing or downloading, or saving of third-party videos in the App
  • Auto-Recursive: No
  • An Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 15% applies to every recharge.
  • FED (Federal Excise Duty) of 19.5% applies on usage ( where / if applicable).
  • A sales tax (General Sales Tax) of 19.5% applies on usage (where/ if applicable).


How activate Zong TikTok package?

Activating this package is very easy and simple, follow the instructions and dial *606# from your phone.

What is The Validity Of The Bundle?

The package only validates for 7 days.

What is the code for Zong TikTok package?

*606# is the subscription code.

What are the features of the Zong Tiktok Package Weekly?

The package provides 3GB of data for TikTok only, is valid for seven days, and costs Rs. 70 (including taxes). It also has a subscription code of *606# and allows users to check their remaining MBs, minutes, and SMS by dialing *102#.

Who is eligible for this weekly Package Weekly?

Only prepaid GSM customers of Zong are eligible to subscribe to this package.

What can I use the 3GB data for in this bundle?

The 3GB data can only be used for the TikTok app.

What is the price of this weekly Offer?

The package costs Rs. 70 (including taxes).

Is the Zong Tiktok Package Weekly auto-recursive?

No, the package is not auto-recursive, You should re-activate this offer again after the validity ends.

What is the Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate applicable to the Zong Package?

Yes, The AIT rate of 15%  also applies to every recharge on Jazz sim.

What is the Federal Excise Duty (FED) rate applicable to this Jazz Offer?

Yes, The FED rate of 19.5% also applies to usage where applicable.

Can I make on-net or off-net calls with the Zong Tiktok Package Weekly?

No, on-net and off-net minutes are not included in the package.

Can I send an SMS with this pkg?

No, SMS is not included in the package.


This TikTok weekly pkg zong is a great deal for TikTok users and it provides them with 3GB of data for a week. The offer is very easy to subscribe to and the users can easily activate it. So, if you are a TikTok user, then you should take advantage of this amazing offer and enjoy your data-driven experience on the app.

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