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Zong Packages 2024 – Calls, SMS & Internet (Daily, Weekly & Monthly)

Zong, The Best Telecommunication Network in Pakistan. A leading telecom network in Pakistan, offering a vast range of exciting Bundles (Zong Packages), Offers, and deals to meet the communication needs of its customers. Whether, it’s voice calls, SMS, or internet data, Zong has a wide range of products with affordable prices and powerful network services.

Zong Packages & Offers

Zong offers a variety of packages to meet the diverse needs of its customers. These packages include daily, weekly, and monthly offers for voice, SMS, and internet usage. Furthermore, it also offers special packages for social media, such as Facebook and WhatsApp. In addition, Zong offers international calling packages for its customers. Customers can choose from different packages based on their usage patterns and preferences. With competitive pricing and value-added services, Zong offers are designed to provide customers with the best possible experience.

Whether you need a package for personal use or business needs, Zong has something to offer for everyone. We, “The Team” takes a closer look at what makes it such an exciting mobile service provider. From their reliable coverage to their unbeatable packages and plans, you’ll discover why it is quickly becoming the go-to choice for mobile users everywhere.

Zong Daily Packages

These daily packages contain calls, SMS, Internet, and some social offers. Also, Some of the bundles have all the features combined in a single bucket, called Hybrid bundles.

ss of Zong Packages

Package Name On-Net + Off-Net Minutes SMS Internet Data Price
Daily Data Max     1GB (500 MB Flat + 500 MB Youtube) Rs. 49 PKR
Daily Basic     100 MB Flat Data Rs. 23 PKR
Daily Voice Offer 20 Zong Minutes     Rs. 5 PKR
Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle No 500 SMS 1MB + 30 MB WhatsApp Rs. 7 PKR
Daily Mehran Offer Unlimited Zong Minutes 500 SMS 100 MB Flat Data Rs. 30 PKR
Daily Karachi Offer Unlimited On-Net Minutes   125 MB Flat Internet Data Rs. 20 PKR
Daily Kashmir Offer Unlimited Zong Minutes   1 MB data Rs. 12 PKR
Daily GNO (Good Night Offer)     2.5 GB Internet (1 AM to 9 AM) Rs. 25 PKR
Daily DTO (Day Time Offer)     1.5 GB (4 AM To 7 PM) Rs. 25 PKR
Daily Social Offer     1.5 GB (YT, FB,WA,IMO) Rs. 23 PKR
Daily Shandaar offer Unlimited Zong Minutes 800 SMS 50 MB Internet Rs. 17 PKR
Internet SIM Day Time Offer     1 GB Internet (9 AM To 5 PM) Rs. 550 PKR
Internet Sim Good Night Offer     1 GB Internet (1 AM To 9 AM) Rs. 230 PKR


Zong Three (3) Days Packages – Offers & Bundles

Although, Zong offers 3 days bundles for its prepaid customers. These bundles are a super recharge offer, a Free Internet and call offer and a Mini Zong 3-day offer. Furthermore, These packages contain on-net, off-net (other networks) minutes, and Internet Data at an affordable price.

Package Name On-Net + Off-Net Minutes SMS Internet Data Price
3-Day Super Recharge Offer 300 on-net, 25 off-net minutes   1.5 GB flat Internet Rs. 50 PKR
3-Day Free Internet & Calls 1000 on-net + 50 off-net minutes 1000 SMS 2 GB Internet Data RS. 0
3-Day Mini Bundle 1000 Zong Minutes   1 GB Internet data Rs. 80 PKR

ss of Zong Packages

Zong Weekly Packages – Offers & Bundles

Zong offers weekly (7 days) bundles to its prepaid & postpaid users, whether they are living in Pakistan or working abroad. These are Call packages, SMS packages, and 4G Internet packages. Furthermore, most of the offers contain call minutes, SMS to all networks, and a decent amount of Internet data combined in a single bucket, called Hybrid bundles.

Package Name On-net + Offnet Minutes SMS Internet Data Price
Weekly Pro Package Unlimited + 250 Off-Net Unlimited 40GB Rs. 460 PKR
Weekly HLO Package Unlimited + 100 Off-net Unlimited 12GB RS. 370 PKR
Weekly Mega Data     100GB Rs. 200 PKR
Weekly Premium Packages Unlimited 180 Off-net Unlimited 30GB Rs. 440 PKR
Weekly All In One
5000 on-net, 60 off-net 5000 SMS 4GB Rs. 250 PKR
Super Weekly Plus Packages on-net + 60 Off-net Unlimited 8GB Rs. 350 PKR
Weekly Social Offer 200 on-net + 20 off-net 200 SMS 5GB (WA+FB) Rs. 140 PKR
Weekly Gilgit Baltistan
1000 on-net + 40 off-net 1000 SMS 4GB WhatsApp Rs. 110 PKR
Super Weekly Max 5000 of-net + 100 off-net 5000 SMS 20GB Internet Rs. 385 PKR
Super Weekly Package     4 GB Internet Rs. 200 PKR
Shandaar Haftwaar
500 on-net + 40 off-net 500 SMS 500 MB Internet Rs. 120
Baqi Paisa Service       Rs. 1 PKR
Weekly SMS
+ WhatsApp Package
  1300 SMS 200 MB WA Rs. 32 PKR
UAE Prepaid IR Bundle 120 International Minutes 120 SMS 2GB Data Rs. 1999 PKR
UAE IR Prepaid
Premium Package
250 International Minutes 250 SMS 2GB Internet Rs. 2999 PKR
China Basic Data Offer 120 International Minutes   1 GB Internet Rs. 1199 PKR
UAE IR Travel Offer 120 International Minutes 120 SMS   Rs. 1000 PKR
UAE IR Business Bundle 250 International Minutes 250 SMS   Rs. 2000 PKR
UAE IR Super Data Package     2GB Internet Rs. 999 PKR
Malaysia Weekly Package 50 International Minutes     Rs. 100 PKR
Batooni Flight Offer 60 International Minutes     RS. 50 PKR
Saudi Arabia Mobily
40 International Minutes     Rs. 250 PKR
PAK China Friendship
525 International Minutes     Rs. 250 PKR
Weekly Missed Call Alerts missed calls alerts only     Rs. 5 PKR
Weekly Video Package     8GB YT +TikTok Rs. 169 PKR
Weekly TikTok Offer     3GB TikTok Only Rs. 80 PKR
Stay At Home Bundle 1000 Zong Minutes   10GB Internet Rs. 149 PKR

Zong Monthly Packages – Offers & Bundles

Zong 4G offers Monthly (30 days) packages to its prepaid & postpaid customers, whether they are living in Pakistan or working abroad. Moreover, These are Call packages, SMS packages, and 4G Internet packages. Furthermore, most of the buckets contain voice call minutes, SMS to all networks, and a decent amount of Internet volume combined in a single offer, called Hybrid packages.

Package Name On-net + Offnet Minutes SMS Internet Data Price
Monthly Super Card 250 off-net minutes   10GB Rs. 749 PKR
Monthly Pro 1000 + 600 minutes 10000 40 GB Rs. 1249 PKR
Monthly Digital Max 10000 + 1000 Minutes 10000 100GB Rs. 1600 PKR
Monthly PUBG Mobile     10GB (PUBG) Rs. 102 PKR
Monthly Pro Plus 10000 + 600 Minutes 10000 60GB Rs. 1350 PKR
Monthly Supreme 5000 + 350 Minutes 5000 20GB Rs. 999 PKR
Monthly Super 5000 + 450 Minutes 5000 30GB Rs. 1299 PKR
Family Bundle 15000 + 600 Minutes 15000 40GB +10GB +10GB Rs. 2000 PKR
Super Star Offer 3000 + 500 Minutes 3000 8 GB Rs. 575 PKR
Star Pre-Load Monthly 1000 + 50 Minutes 1000 2.5GB Rs. 500 PKR
Value Pre-Load Monthly 2000 + 150 Minutes 2000 500 MB Rs. 1000 PKR
Gold Pre-Load 3 Months 8000 + 200 Minutes 8000 8GB Rs. 1000 PKR
Monthly 20 GB     20GB Rs. 575 PKR
Monthly 40 GB     40GB Rs. 899 PKR
Monthly 5 GB     5GB Rs. 299 PKR
Monthly Social 250 + 50 Minutes 250 12GB (FB,WA,IMO) Rs.270 PKR
Monthly Google Maps     500 MB FUP Rs. 1
Mahana Voice Offer 100 daily Zong Mins 30 days     Rs. 160 PKR
Shandaar Mahana Offer 1000 +100 Minutes 1000 1GB Rs. 305 PKR
Monthly WhatsApp + SMS Bundle   500/D 30MB/Daily Rs. 75 PKR
Monthly IDD UAE DU Offer 100 International Minutes     Rs. 500 PKR
Saudi Arabia Monthly Mobily Offer 200 International Minutes     Rs. 1000 PKR
Malaysia Monthly 250 International Minutes     Rs. 400 PKR
Monthly Batooni Flight Bundle 600 International Minutes     Rs. 500 PKR
Batooni Flight Bundle 1000 1200 International Minutes     Rs. 1000 PKR
Pak-China Friendship Monthly 2250 International Minutes     Rs. 750 PKR
MBB Monthly 30GB     30GB Rs. 999 PKR
MBB Monthly 65GB     60GB Rs. 2100 PKR
MBB Monthly 160GB     80GB + 80GB Rs. 2600 PKR
MBB Monthly 200GB     100GB + 100GB Rs. 3300 PKR
Prepaid MBB Add-On 5GB     5GB Rs. 450 PKR
Monthly WhatsApp Plus 200 + 30 Minutes   5GB WA + IMO Rs. 200 PKR
Monthly Social Mini     6GB WA + FB Rs. 150 PKR
Monthly WhatsApp Offer 5GB     5GB WhatsApp Only Rs. 99 PKR
Monthly IMO Offer     2.5GB IMO Only Rs. 99 PKR

How Can I Activate Zong Bundles?

Although, Activating a Zong package is a simple process that can be done through various channels. You can activate a package through the Zong website, My Zong App, or by dialing the package activation code (USSD code) from your phone. Once you have selected the package that suits your needs, you can easily activate it by following the instructions.


What Is Zong?

Zong is a mobile network operator in Pakistan that offers a range of telecom services, including voice, SMS, internet, and value-added services. It is a subsidiary of China Mobile Communications Corporation and was launched in 2008. Zong has a customer base of over 40 million users and is known for its affordable and innovative packages.

What Are The Different Types of Zong Packages Available?

Zong offers many services, including Zong Internet packages, Call Packages, and SMS packages. These packages are divided on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Also, it offers Social Packages Like Whatsapp, Facebook, and TikTok, IMO.

How do I check My Remaining Zong balance?

Checking your remaining package balance is a simple process that can be done in a few easy steps. You can check your remaining package balance by dialing *102# from your Zong number, or by using the My Zong App.

Can I Transfer My Zong Bucket To Someone Else?

Unfortunately, Zong does not currently offer the option to transfer a package from one user to another. Packages are tied to the individual account and cannot be transferred to another user. However, customers can subscribe to a new package and share their package resources, such as internet data or voice minutes, with other Zong users through the Zong Super Load feature or in the Zong Data Share Bundle.

Are There Any Special Discounts or Promotions Available For Zong Packages?

Yes, They offer a range of promotions and discounts for their packages from time to time. Zong’s promotions can include special discounts, bonus data or minutes, and free access to value-added services.

How Can I Contact Zong Customer Support?

If you have any queries related to Zong packages, you can easily get in touch with the Zong customer support center. Zong offers a dedicated helpline that you can call from your Zong helpline 310.

Can I Use The Zong Bundles While Roaming?

Yes, you can use Zong bundles while roaming in certain countries. Zong has international roaming agreements with several networks across the world, allowing you to use your Zong packages while traveling abroad.

Final Words

Whether you are looking for Internet data, call, or SMS packages, Zong has something to offer everyone. With affordable pricing, 4G/5G high-speed internet, and reliable connectivity, Zong is a popular choice for customers across Pakistan. Moreover, With 4G coverage in over 400 cities and towns, Zong is committed to providing its customers with a seamless experience. In addition, Zong’s customer support team is available 24/7 to assist with any package-related queries or concerns.

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