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Zong Monthly Social Package – 12GB Code WhatsApp, FB 2023

Zong Monthly Social Internet Bundle is a data package from Zong, a leading mobile network provider in Pakistan. It provides customers with access to the most popular social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Instagram, in addition to a large data allowance for general internet browsing. The bundle is designed to meet the needs of social media users who want to stay connected to their favorite networks on the go. Zong monthly social package comes with a range of exciting offers that make it an attractive and cost-effective choice for social media users. The bundle includes access to Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Instagram, as well as a generous data allowance of up to 12GB.

Zong Monthly Social Package/Offer Benefits

The bundle also offers users the convenience of being able to access their favorite networks anytime, anywhere. As long as users are connected to the network, they can access their social media accounts and stay up to date with friends, family, and the latest news around the world. Not only does it offer great value, but it also comes with a range of customer service benefits. Customers can easily manage their accounts online, view their account balance, and recharge their bundle in just a few clicks. In addition, the bundle offers customers the ability to monitor their data usage and set up data usage alerts, so they never run out of data unexpectedly.

What Will You Get From Zong Monthly Social Offer?

From this 30 days social offer from zong, You will get 12 Gb of Internet data for Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO & other social media apps without any hassle. Moreover, this special social bucket offers 250 Zong to Zong (on-net) minutes and 50 minutes for other networks (off-net) at Rs. 290 Pakistani Rupees (including Taxes). In addition, 250 SMS are also included in it.

Zong Monthly Social Package Code, Price & Details

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Description Details
Package Name Zong Monthly Social Offer
Validity 30 Days
Price Rs. 290 (including taxes) Latest Updated Price
Balance Required Rs. 290 PKR
On-Net Minutes 250 on-net minutes
Off-Net Minutes 50 off-net
Internet Data 12GB Data (Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO)
Subscribe Code *6000#
Check Status Remaining MBs, Mins & SMS *102#
Unsub Code text “unsub” and send it to 700
Info Code N/A

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How To Subscribe Zong Monthly Social Package

There is no rocket science to subscribe to a monthly 12GB social package. There are simple and easy methods to subscribe to Zong monthly social package. In addition, here we will only discuss two methods that are more convenient.


You can subscribe to this bundle very easily and quickly through your phone’s dial pad, which can be done by dialing a USSD code, which will appear on your phone’s dial pad when you press the USSD button. As a first step, you should check to make sure that you have enough balance on your Zong SIM card before proceeding, you will need to dial *6000# from your Zong mobile phone once you have installed your newly activated SIM card. Immediately after submitting your form, an SMS will be sent to the phone you provided within the next few minutes to confirm your submission.

My Zong App

Zong Telecom has created an app called “My Zong App” for its customers in order to make their experience easier. The My Zong App has many features, including the ability to manage your sim activity, monitor your usage, and more. This guide will show you how to subscribe to your Zong monthly social package using the Zong app to receive your super card discount. Installing the My Zong App is absolutely necessary if you have not already done so. The whole process can be completed step by step after you have downloaded and installed the app. You will be prompted to confirm your sim number after you have downloaded and installed it.

On the bottom menu of the app, you will see a link to “Bundles,” which will appear when you launch the app. Embedding the Zong monthly social package in the list of packages is as easy as scrolling down. Simply tap the search button on the top right side of the screen and type in “Monthly social package” and you’ll see all your packages there, just tap to subscribe. Subscribing to the bundle has been successful and you have received a confirmation SMS.

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Terms And Conditions

  • An Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 15% applies on every recharge.
  • 19.5% of Federal Excise Duty (FED) is applicable on usage ( where/if applicable).
  • 19.5% GST(General sales tax) applies on usage of data(if applicable).


What is the Zong monthly social package unsubscribe code?

To unsubscribe from the bundle, text “unsub” and send it to 700.

What is the price of the Zong monthly social bundle?

The offer is available at a low price rate of Rs. 290.

What is Zong monthly social package check code?

You can check your remaining data in Zong mobile app with ease.

How Many App are Allowed To Access In Monthly Social Offer?

Only WhatsApp and Facebook are permitted to use in this 30 days social bundle.

Is Zong Social Bucket Auto Renewable?

No, This is a non-recursive monthly package. That means you will have to recharge your balance and re-subscribe it again.

Can I Subscribe to Zong Social Bucket From Their Official Website?

Yes, You can activate this bundle/offer from Zong’s official website.

Are There Any Call Setup Charges On Using Free Minutes In Zong Monthly Social Package?

No, Currently there are no hidden call setup charges upon using the free minutes allotted in this offer.


The Zong Monthly Social Internet Bundle is a great choice for anyone who wants to stay connected via social media on the go, with access to popular networks and a generous data allowance. Users can stay connected to their favorite networks without worrying. You will get 250 on-net, 50 off-net minutes, 250 SMS, and 12GB of internet (WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO) at an affordable price of Rs.290.

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