Zong monthly 40GB package

Zong 40GB Monthly Package – Internet Sim Offer 2023

Zong 40GB monthly package Internet Sim Offer is the package from Zong Monthly Internet package. This package is designed to provide customers with 40GB of data. This offer is available to both new and old customers. The package includes 40 GB of data per month, which can be used for both day and nighttime use. This is great for those who need to be able to access the internet every time. And for those who need to stay connected to their friends and family online.

Zong 40GB Monthly Package Details

One of the best aspects of this package is that it is available at a very affordable price. Customers can purchase the package for just Rs. 940 per month. This makes it one of the most Affordable packages of Zong.

Zong 40GB Monthly Package Code & Price

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Description Details
Package Name Zong 40GB Monthly Package
Validity 30 Days (month)
Price Rs. 1000 including taxes
Balance Required Rs. 1000 PKR
On-Net Minutes 0
Off-Net Minutes 0
Internet Data   40GB data (20GB 1AM – 9AM)
Subscribe Code *6464*3*2#
Check Status Remaining MBs, Mins & SMS *102#
Unsub Code Dial *6666# and select unsub option
InfoCode n/a

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How To Subscribe Zong Monthly 40GB Internet SIM Package?

You can activate 40GB Internet SIM bundle by various methods. Here we will let you know some of the easiest ways to subscribe to this monthly internet SIM bundle.

By Dialing Code

This is the most popular and easy method to activate the bucket offered by Zong. You just have to open your cell phone’s dial pad and dial the *6666# and tap on the Zong dial icon. You will get the confirmation message right after dialing the package code.

MyZong App

You can also subscribe 40 GB package through the MyZong app. If you haven’t already installed the app, then don’t wait, Download the app from Google Play Store or from Apple’s iOS app store and install it.

  • Open the MyZong App and search for your desired bundle by its name.
  • Tap on the subscribe button and preceded to confirm your subscription.

Terms And Conditions

  • You will have to pay an Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 15% on each recharge.
  • FED (Federal Excise Duty) of 19.5% applies on usage ( where/if applicable).
  • A sales tax (General Sales Tax) of 19.5% applies to using this bundle (if applicable).
  • 20GB Internet data out of 40GB has a time limitation and can only be used from 1 AM to 9 AM for the whole month.
  • Out of 40GB, 20GB of internet data is flat for 24 hours the whole month.


What is The Validity Of Zong 40GB Monthly?

The package only validates for only 30 days.

How Much Data Do We Get From Internet SIM Monthly Pack?

You will get 40GB of data after activating this bundle.

How Much Data is Time Limited out of 40GB Bucket?

20 GB out of 40 GB of Data can only be used from 1 AM to 9 AM daily.

What Will Happens To 20GB Time Bound Data If I Consume All 20GB Flat Data?

Your 20GB (1 AM to 9 AM) Data will remain valid for 30 days in case you consumed all 20GB flat (24 hours daily) data.


The zong monthly package is a great package for those who need to stay connected to the internet. The package offers great value for money and a range of other benefits. Customers can stay connected to their friends and family, music and videos, and access popular social networking sites. All of this is available for just Rs. 1000 per month.

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