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Ufone Super Card Gold 2024 – Monthly 30GB + Unlimited Calls

Ufone is dedicated to enhancing users’ digital experience with its top-notch 4G network connectivity. They continuously improve their products and services for both individuals and businesses. It recently announced the new hybrid package “Ufone Super Card Gold“. So It helps everyone to overcome everyday challenges and stay connected with loved ones.

What Is Ufone Super Card Gold?

Ufone Super Card Gold is a special package offered by Ufone Telcom Pakistan. It provides users with a variety of benefits in a single recharge. With Super Card Gold, customers can enjoy a generous amount of call minutes, SMS messages, and mobile data. Moreover, It allows them to stay connected with their friends and family, and businessmen with their clients. Additionally, the package includes free on-net minutes, which means users can make calls to other Ufone numbers without any additional charges. The Super Card Gold is a cost-effective option for Ufone SIM users. Simply, it is offering a comprehensive bundle of services in a single card.

Ufone Super Card Gold 30 GB Code And Details

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Description Details
Package Name Super Card Gold
Validity 30 Days (1 Month)
Price Rs. 1299 (including taxes)
Balance Required Rs. 1299 PKR
On-Net Minutes Unlimited U to U and Ufone to PTCL minutes
Off-Net Minutes 600 other network minutes
SMS Unlimited SMS to any network
Internet Data 30GB of Flat Internet
Subscribe Code *900#
Check Status Remaining MBs, Mins & SMS *706#
Unsub Code Automatically Unsub after the validity time

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How To Subscribe Ufone Super Card Gold?

To subscribe to Ufone Super Card Gold, you have a few simple options. You can dial the unique subscription code provided for the Super Card Gold package on your phone’s dial pad. Alternatively, you can visit any Ufone authorized retailer or franchise across Pakistan and ask the representative to activate the Super Card Gold offer on your Ufone number after making the payment.

Terms & Conditions

  • This Gold offer is exclusively available for prepaid customers.
  • Super Card Gold does not have any Additional Income Tax (AIT) or general sales tax charges.
  • No call set-up fees are applicable to Gold card.
  • Super Card Gold has a validity of 30 days ( one month).
  • Once you exhaust the allocated volume super card gold offer, the internet will still be active but will be charged at the default price. The default price is Rs. 2.75 + Tax per MB.
  • In this offer, When you consume 25 MBs, you will receive 150 MBs for free until midnight, and this pattern continues.
  • In this Gold card offer, All calls made to PTCL prefixes are free of charge.


What is the validity period of Ufone Super Card Gold?

Super Card Gold has a validity of 30 days from the date of activation.

Can I use the remaining balance from my previous Super Card Gold subscription?

No, the remaining balance from a previous Super Card Gold subscription cannot be carried forward to a new subscription.

Can I subscribe to Super Card Gold multiple times within the validity period?

Yes, you can subscribe to Super Card Gold multiple times. Each subscription will have its own validity period, and the benefits will be added to your existing balance.

Can I use the Super Card Gold package while roaming internationally?

No, the Super Card Gold package is only valid for use within Pakistan. Standard roaming charges will apply for any usage outside of the country.

What happens if I exhaust the allocated data volume before the validity period ends?

If you consume all the data volume included in Super Card Gold before the validity period expires, you can continue using the internet, but it will be charged at the default tariff rate of Rs. 2.75 + Tax per MB until the validity period ends.

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