Ufone damdar karachi weekly offer

Ufone Damdaar Karachi Offer 2024 – 10GB Internet Package

If you are a resident of Karachi and looking for the best package for an entire week, then the Ufone Damdaar Karachi Offer is the best choice. As we all know, Ufone always introduced the best packages for its users. Moreover, this bundle delivers lightning-fast internet speed which allows you to stream videos online seamlessly, engage in video calls, play online games with your friends, and experience a new level of connectivity. The offer is validated for the next 7 days. This is not just about speed and validity; it’s a solution for all your internet problems that interrupted you for too long.


With exceptional internet speed, you can enjoy surfing through the web, and stream videos without worrying about the data charges. Also, you don’t see any buffering issues. Enjoy watching your favorite TV shows, movies, and videos without any interruption. One of the best things is that Ufone knows the importance of the value of money for their customers. Beyond internet data and speed, it’s also about affordability. You can enjoy all these benefits for just a price of Rs. 100. All the Ufone Damdaar Karachi Offer subscription code, unsubscribe code, and other details are given below:

Ufone Damdaar Karachi Offer Code & Details

Description Details
Package Name Ufone Damdaar Karachi Offer
Validity 7 Days
Price Rs. 100 Rupees
Balance Required Rs. 100 Rupees Load Required
On-Net Minutes 1000
Off-Net Minutes 100
Internet Data 10GB (5GB Social)
SMS 1000
Subscribe Code *4466#
Check Remaining MBs/Data Code *706#

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How To Subscribe To Ufone Karachi Package?

It’s very easy to subscribe to Ufone Weekly Packages through a variety of methods. Some of them are explained below:


The easiest way to subscribe to this package is by dialing *4466# from your mobile phone. Ensure that you have a Rs.100 balance in your Ufone sim before subscribing.

My Ufone App

The second option is to use the My Ufone App, which is an official app released by Ufone for its customers’ convenience. To subscribe to the Ufone Weekly Karachi 10GB package through the app, first, download and install the app. Confirm your SIM number and follow the process step-by-step. Once you open the app, you will see an icon named “Bundles” at the bottom menu. Scroll down in the package list to find the Karachi Damdaar Bundle. If it’s not visible, use the search button and type “Ufone Damdaar Karachi 10GB Package.” Once you find it, tap to subscribe to the bundle.

Ufone Website

Another way to subscribe to the package is from the Official Ufone website. Visit the official website and search for the package you want to activate. Then, enter your SIM number in the subscription field, and you will receive an SMS to confirm your subscription. Find your package and then activate it.

Online Banking Channels

Additionally, Ufone packages can be subscribed to through various online banking channels such as the Easypaisa app, Sadapay, Jazz Cash app, HBL Connect, and Meezan online banking app.

Terms & Conditions

  • This Offer allows multiple subscriptions.
  • This Bundle is only available for the residents of Karachi, Kiamari Town, Baldia Town, Site Town, and Orangi Town.
  • Also, it is a non-recursive package, you have to dial the subscription code *4466# to activate the offer again.
  • No Resource accumulation is available for this offer.


What is Ufone Weekly Karachi Damdaar Offer?

The Ufone Damdaar Karachi Offer is a monthly internet package launched by Ufone. The bundle comes with 10GB of internet data, 100 all-network minutes, and 1000 Ufone minutes.

What is The Subscription Code For Ufone Karachi Package?

To activate the bundle, simply dial *4466# from your Ufone sim. Upon entering the code, a confirmation message will be sent to you, and your package will be activated.

How To Check Remaining Data Of Ufone Packages?

Dial *706# from your Ufone sim to check the remaining data of this offer. Moreover, you can check the data consumption of any Ufone package by using the My Ufone App.


The Ufone Damdaar Karachi Offer is an affordable package that provides you with 10GB of data volume for high-speed streaming of videos through various social media platforms. It is an excellent way to save money on your internet bills while enjoying your time online. Therefore, if you are looking for a reasonable and budget-friendly way to stream videos, then this offer is perfect for you.

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