Telenor Monthly EasyCard 2024- 20GB Monthly Internet Package

Telenor Pakistan is offering a new Telenor Monthly EasyCard for those looking for an affordable way to access the internet for a whole month. With this Monthly Easycard, you can browse, watch videos, and do live streaming with super-fast 4G internet speed. Moreover, you will have a large amount of on-net and off-net minutes. From unlimited browsing to high-speed video streaming, this card is an all-in-one solution for those who demand more from their internet subscription.


The Telenor Monthly EasyCard is a monthly Card that gives you unlimited connectivity for the whole month. One of the best features of this monthly card is its high-speed 4G internet and 20GB large amount of internet data. Furthermore, this package has a quota for calls. It is important to know that 10GB of internet is used between 1 AM and 9 AM. Also, the offer can be activated multiple times after within validity. The Monthly Card just goes beyond speed, providing a large amount of internet data for browsing, video streaming, and much more.

Telenor EasyCard Monthly Code & Details

Description Details
Package Name Telenor Monthly EasyCard
Validity 30 Days (One Month)
Price Rs. 700 (incl. tax)
Balance Required Rs. 700 PKR
On-Net Minutes 4000 (Including Ptcl minutes), 350 off-net & 2000 SMS
Internet Data 20GB (10GB 1 AM-9 AM)
Subscribe Code  Dial *345*80#
Remaining MBs Check Code  Dial *999#
Remaining Minutes Check Code  Dial *222#
Remaining Balance Check Code  Dial *444#
Unsubscribe Code  Automatically Unsubscribed after validity time

Telenor Easycard Monthly

Eligibility Criteria

Telenor offers this monthly bundle only for prepaid SIM users. Postpaid, Data SIM, and Telenor MBB users are not eligible to avail of this package.

How To Subscribe To Telenor Monthly EasyCard?

It is very easy to activate Telenor packages. However, there are many methods to activate Telenor Monthly Packages. Some of the methods are given below:


The very first and easiest way to subscribe to this package is by dialing *345*80# from your mobile phone. Before subscribing to the offer, ensure that you have a Rs.700 balance in your Telenor sim.

Through My Telenor App

The second option is to use the My Telenor App, which is an official app released by Jazz for its customers’ convenience. To subscribe to the Telenor EasyCard  (Telenor Monthly EasyCard Package) through the app. First, download and install the app. Confirm your SIM number and follow the process step-by-step. Once you open the app, you will see a ” Bundles ” icon at the bottom menu. Scroll down in the package list to find the Monthly EasyCard Offer. If it’s not visible, use the search button and type “Monthly EasyCard 20GB Package.” Once you find it, tap to subscribe to the bundle.

Telenor Website

If you want to subscribe to a package, you can do it through the Official Telenor website. Simply visit the website and search for the package you want to activate. Then, enter your SIM number in the subscription field. You will receive an SMS to confirm your subscription. Once you find your desired package, activate it right away.

Online Banking Channels

It is also possible to subscribe to Telenor packages through other online banking channels such as Easypaisa, Sadapay, Jazz Cash, HBL Connect, and Meezan online banking app.

Visting Your Retailer Shop

Head to your nearest retail shop and request the manager to activate the desired package on your phone number.

  • Find a nearby jazz retailer shop in your area.
  • Tell the shop manager about the package which you want to activate.
  • Provide him with your Jazz number.
  • Once you receive the confirmation SMS, make sure to turn on the data and check if the package is working or not.


What is Telenor Monthly EasyCard?

The Telenor EasyCard Offer is a monthly internet package launched by Jazz. The bundle has 20GB of internet data, 4000on-net, 350 off-net minutes, and 2000 SMS.

How To Subscribe To Telenor EasyCard Package?

Subscribing to Telenor EasyCard is a very easy process. Just dial *345*80# from your Telenor sim. After a while, you will receive a confirmation SMS and the package will be activated.

How To Check The Remaining Data Of Telenor Packages?

Checking the remaining data on Telenor Packages is a very straightforward process. Dial *999# to check the remaining internet data. Also, you can use the My Telenor App to check the data consumption anytime.

What is The Validity Of Telenor EasyCard?

The Telenor EasyCard Comes with a validity period of one month (30 Days).

Terms & Conditions

  • All the prices of Telenor Offers include taxes.
  • Call Setup Charges are not applicable for this bundle.
  • The Package will not be re-subscribed automatically.
  • Users can check their free resources by dialing the free string *123#.
  • The Bundle is available nationwide for all prepaid users.
  • Standard tariff for offnet/onnet calls & data as per customer’s price plan will be charged once the offer exhausts or expires.
  • The Monthly EasyCard can be subscribed multiple times within validity enhancing the validity by 30 days from the time the offer is re-subscribed.


To sum up, the Telenor Monthly EasyCard 750 is a cost-effective package that gives you the benefit of high-speed internet, a large amount of data, and communication options. With ultra-fast internet, a substantial amount of internet data, and plenty of minutes and texts, it makes your online life much easier. Telenor is widely recognized as the best telecommunication provider that offers the best deals for its customers. They have taken into account everything we need and have put it all together in one card. So, you can bid farewell to all your internet-related worries.

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